Who We Are?

about us

GTE Dog Transport has been Dorothy’s passion for the last 26 years.  Based just out of Bendigo Victoria, GTE is the longest running interstate dog transporter and one of the largest dog transporters in Australia.

Everyone knows of Dorothy! 

The business has a very loyal customer base and has weekly local and interstate runs servicing Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales directly and linking with other reliable transport businesses servicing Queensland and Tasmania.  

Questions and Answers

Q. What animals do you transport?

A. We transport dogs (Great Dane down to Chihuahua) and in special circumstances cats.  No professional dog transporter should carry other animals to avoid cross contamination in our opinion.  We do also carry ‘shippers’ so can transport frozen semen to selected vets.

Q. Where do the dogs/pups stay overnight?

A. If a stop is required mid route the dogs/pups stay in the vehicle with our driver.  If an overnight stay is required between interstate connections we have professional boarding facilities for up to 60 dogs at a time at our farm.

Q. Do you tow trailers?

A. Yes we have a large number of different sized purpose built transport trailers.  Big dogs go in the trailers and pups/small dogs go in the vehicle with the driver.   

Q. Do you have air conditioning?

A. Yes we have a variety of transporting options depending on conditions.  Climate control and air conditioned vehicles and trailers.  Natural air flow is more important in all instances and if temperatures exceed 35 degrees we will not transport under any circumstances as the risk to passenger, driver and vehicle is too great.

Why choose GTE?

We have a genuine love for all animals, which is why we look forward to spending each day with your pets and giving them the care and attention they deserve.  There is nothing more enjoyable than handing a family their new puppy